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_m th_c VN _a ch_ng lo_i _a d_ng v_i h?ng ch_c ng?n m?n th_c _n Auction ID: 1643

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Seller location: Netherlands
Ends within: 28 days, 11 hours
(06 Apr, 2021 - 18:26)
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Current Bid: 47.00 GBP
Shipping fee: 8.00 GBP
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    Item description
    Ng?nh _m th_c n__c ta _a d_ng _a d_ng v? phong ph? v_i h?ng ng?n m?n th_c _n. t?i nguy?n phong ph? v? _a d_ng ph_ thu_c l?nh th_ r_ng l_n _? gi?p cho VN c? kh? nhi_u gia v_ h_o h_ng __ c? m?n _n c_c ngon. C?c nguy?n li_u v? gia v_ s_ kh?ng th_ t_ k_t h_p v_i nhau m? c?n ph_i ph_ thu_c t?n __ __u b_p t?i hoa. kh?ng th_ c__ng l_i l_i c?c m?n _n VN l? _i_u d_ hi_u v? ch?ng ngon _ m_i g?c __. kh?ng ?t nh_ng m?n ngon _ n__c ta and th_t s_ qu? kh? __ ch_n ra c?c m?n _n tuy_t v_i v? ho?n h_o nh_t. V_n ho? _n u_ng VN th_t s_ _? _em l_i ?t nhi_u m?n th_c _n l? thay m_t _u t? nh_t. sau _?y l? nh_ng m?n th_c _n kh?ng c?n kh?ng th_ l?c t_i t_ qu_c vi_t nam.

    imageM? ch?nh l? m?n _n kh?ng th_ thi_u c_a b_n Trung Qu_c. b_n mu_n _n m? t_ d?n gian __n phong c?ch, Trung Qu_c c? to?n b_. Mu_n tr_i nghi_m m? ho?nh th?nh th? _ b_t k_ ch_ n?o fan __u r_t c? th_ t?m th_y m_t t? m? nh_ v_y. B_t v? tr_ng l? C?c nguy?n li_u ch?nh __ l?m ___c m?n m? n?y _i k?m ch?nh l? vi?n ho?nh th?nh to b?o. ___c xem l? thi_u s?t c_c __ khi kh?ng d?ng chung ho?nh th?nh v_i n__c d?ng th_m ngon. t_t c_ _? h?nh th?nh t? m? v_i n__c trong, ng_t thanh, s_i m? dai dai k?m theo v_i ho?nh th?nh nhi_u th_t. Nh?n __n gi_n nh_ng mu_n c? m? ngon th_t kh?ng d_.

    Kh?ng c?c m?n _n n?o cay b_ng m?n l_u T_ Xuy?n. Kh? c? m?n v__t _c __ cay c_a lo_i l_u cay n?y. L_u ___c gia c?ng t_ 30 C?c nguy?n li_u c_n c? kh?ng gi_ng nhau trong s_ _y _t & hoa h_t ti?u _? l? C?c nguy?n li_u c_n c? t_o ra s_ m?n l_u tr_ danh. In the event you loved this post and you would want to receive more details relating to please visit our own internet site. th_c kh?ch r_t c? th_ t_ tin khi D?ng th_ n__c d?ng m? r_t c? th_ an t?m v_ c?i d_ d?y khi th?nh ph_n ho?nh to?n l? th_o m_c. th_c kh?ch ch_ c_m th_y _c __ t?, cay n_i v_ gi?c ___c th_m t_ t_ tuy nhi?n tr?nh gi_m _c ch_. __ nh?ng _a ch_ng lo_i lu?n lu?n tho_ m?n s_ th?ch nguy?n li_u & c_ __ _n cay c_a doanh nghi_p. n__c ch_m __c tr_ng c_a lo_i l_u n?y l? d_u k_t h_p v_i h?nh l? c?ng nhi_u c?ng t_t.

    r__u g_o Thi_u H_ng l? m_t trong nh_ng lo_i r__u l?u __i nh_t _?i Loan Trung Qu_c. kh?ng h_ kh? __ nh_n th_y r__u Thi_u H_ng khi m?i v_ c_a lo_i r__u tr_ng n_p n?y v? c?ng __c bi_t. s_n xu_t lo_i r__u n?y kh? d_ d?ng khi ch_ vi_c tr_n nhi_u lo_i g_o kh?c nhau c?ng men r__u l?m t_ g_o ho_c l?a m_ch. R?t ng_n th_i gian _ r__u xu_ng th_p h_n 3 n_m th? r__u g_o coi nh_ _? h_ng m_t m?i v_. r__u tr_ng g_o ngon mang ?nh v?ng nh_t, c? v_ n_ng v? th_m ng?o ng_t. C_n h?m _m th? r__u m_i c? h__ng v_ th_m h_n. N_ Nhi H_ng th_i th_i x_a _? l? ___c l?m t_ r__u g_o Thi_u H_ng & c? th_i gian _ r_t l?u.

    Mu_n _n ngon _ Cam T?c, h?y _n m? b? Lan Ch?u. S_i m? dai dai v? ___c c_t t_ng kh?c m_t ch_n chu __u ___c thi_t k_ ho?n to?n b_ng tay. To phi?n b_n and d?y _? l? __c _i_m c_a th_t b? trong m? b? Lan Ch?u. Ph_i __t _c 5 y_u t_ th? m? m_i ho_n h_o. Ph_n n_n l? n__c l?o trong veo _ k_ b?n s_c __ t_ _t, tr_ng t_ c_ c_i h_m, xanh thanh m?t t_ rau xanh, s_c v?ng t_ m? tr_ng th_m v? ngon. m?i v_ m?n _n n?y h_p d_n th_c kh?ch _i t_ b_t th_n n?y __n b_t ng_ kh?c. Mu_n b?ng n_ __u l__i th? ng__i ch_ c_n m_t t? m? b? Lan Ch?u l? _? c_m nh_n h_t t_ v_ cay cho __n s_ __m ch_t, ngon ng_t. "__ nh_t m? Trung Qu_c" r_t x_ng danh ch?nh l? m?n _n tuy_t v_i.

    M_t c?c m?n _n __ng c_p t_i t_ qu? h__ng r__u tr_ng g_o. c?c m?n _n h_ng sang mang t?n Ph_t nh_y t__ng s_ khi_n fan ng_c nhi?n v? Nguy?n li_u __ ch_ bi_n c?c m?n _n n?y. _?y ___c xem l? m_t m?n s_n h?o h_i v_ r_t l? l?i cu_n. H_i s?m, b?o ng_, nh?n s?m, v?y c? m_p, g?n h__u, s? _i_p __u l? nh_ng C?c nguy?n li_u t_o ra s_ m?n _n n?y. T_ng ph_n t_ __u _c _em h_p ri?ng cho kh? m_m r_i ___c cho v? th_ chung __ th__ng xuy?n h_m. __c bi_t nh_ng m?n t_i t_ Thi_u H_ng l? __u s_ h_u m_t ch?t ?t r__u g_o tr_ng. trong khi h_m 5 _ 6 ti_ng th? m?i th_m s_ tho?t ra ph?a b?n ngo?i, mu_n gi_ s_ ng?o ng_t th? b_n c_n ph_i che ch_n b_ng l? sen. H_m nhi_u ti_ng b_ng l_a th_t nh_ s_ khi_n cho C?c nguy?n li_u c_n c? trong m?n th_c _n c? __ m_m tuy_t __i ho?n h_o v? c? __ th_m tr_ trung v? tr?n tr_ s_c kh_e.

    Additional Information
    Country: Netherlands (8225 Ma)
    Shipping conditions: Buyer pays shipping expenses, Will NOT ship internationally
    Shipping terms:  1

    Payment methods: PayPal,, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer, Cheque
    Starting Bid: 47.00 GBP

    Auction started: 07 Mar, 2021 - 18:26
    Auction ends: 06 Apr, 2021 - 18:26
    Auction ID: 1643

    Item category: All > Collectibles > Dolls